ConEd May Be Charging Improper Smart Meter No Access Fees

Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson, and Garber is currently investigating the “No Access Fees” that Con Edison charges New York City Residents in connection with “smart meter” installations.

On its website, Con Edison claims that it reaches out to New York City residents approximately three months before its planned energy meter replacements in their neighborhoods. ConEd’s website also states that residents whose electric meters are inside their homes must make an appointment to allow ConEd to access their meter.

ConEd claims that it has the authority to charge residents a $100 “No Access Fee” for each month those residents do not schedule an appointment.

There is evidence that residents never receive ConEd notifications about scheduling access appointments but ConEd continues to charge them $100 per month.  Residents continue to be charged large monthly fees for not recognizing or not responding to ConEd’s inadequate or nonexistent disclosure.  Further evidence suggests that ConEd may not have authority to charge residents “No Access Fees” at all, and that the monthly $100 charges it levels against New York City Residents are unlawful.

FBFG has filed similar class actions against energy companies charging illegal or inadequately disclosed fees and may file similar lawsuits on behalf of Con Edison customers who paid $100 “No Access” monthly fees.

If you are a Con Edison customer and were charged a $100 “No Access Fee” without notice, or with inadequate notice from ConEd, please contact us immediately to discuss your legal options.  Should a lawsuit be brought, there is no cost or fee involved in joining the case.